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Artificial Turf For Indoor Sports

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Indoor Green Turf For All Outdoor Sports
CWF Flooring, Inc. introduces the newest most innovative sport turf product on the US market: Indoor Grass Turf. This US made artificial turf is engineered for portability, durability & traction and designed to provide anti-fatigue properties for athletes for all sports.
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Artificial Indoor Grass Turf For Outdoor Sports
CWF Flooring, Incs. indoor turf is designed for portability. This design feature will expand your market use to gymnasiums, weight rooms, off-site demonstrations and even malls or trade shoes to promote your business, team or product. CWFs indoor turf can be stored 5 feet vertically when rolled-up. This feature will be a space-saver for your indoor storage room. An artificial grass turf field of approximately 50 feet x 100 feet can be installed in approximately 40 minutes. Our industrial strength hoop n loop Flexi-Connect System secures and attaches the artificial turf rolls together.. Call us now for more information: 1-661-273-8700, 1-661-273-8701 Text: 1-323-420-6794 or email us for more information: Sales@IndoorGrassTurf.com
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Artificial Turf Rolls are 50 Feet Long x 5 Feet Wide


Dug Out Turf Flooring Can Withstand Cleated Shoes
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CWF Flooring, Inc. Artificial Turf is:
indoor turf for baseballDurable Enough to Tolerate Baseball Shoes

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Dense Foam Core That Will Withstand Compression

grass turf for indoor sportsMore Anti-slip than Natural Grass

Portable and Rollable Turf

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Above Area Consists of Seven 5 Feet Wide x 50 Feet Long Turf Rolls: Actual Size: 50' x 35'

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Even One Children Can Roll-Up or Roll-Out the Indoor Turf Roll

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The Flexi-Indoor Turf Can Be Transported With a Dolly

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Indoor Grass Turf For Soccer Will Be Safer Than Natural Grass

Indoor Turf For Baseball/Softball

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Softball Projection Will Bounce With More Predictability

Turf for Indoors

CWF Flooring, Incs. indoor grass turf is made of dense polyurethane, a closed cell foam. The denseness will enhance durability. With a superior tensile strength to add to its durability and enable the roll ability without damaging the grass turf. CWFs Flooring, Incs artificial indoor turf has more superior traction than natural grass. This enhanced traction will minimize slipping which will reduce injury. We will not claim that our indoor turf is slip-resistant. It is technologically impossible to manufacture a slip-proof athletic turf. CWFs Flooring, Incs will definitely claim that our indoor turf will minimize slippage and reduce injury. Imagine what the athletic director and coach can accomplish with an injury-free season. Info Sheet:Indoor Artificial Turf

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Features of Indoor Turf For All Field Sports
indoor turf for football Secure Traction Feature

2" thick grass turf Portability Will Speed up Set Up Time

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Soccer Balls Bounce with Full Speed
1/2" thick sport turf
One Person Can Unroll a Turf Roll
5ft. wide turf
One 50' x 5' Roll Weighs 205 lbs.
5x50 grass turf
Foam Core is 5/8" Thick Turf Pile 3/4"


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